We are excited to be installing a state of the art Beam Built-in Vacuum system in our new home. I had the best experience in dealing with them so far. Séan McHarry the Managing Director of Beam in Johannesburg was an absolute pleasure to deal with and provided valuable advice and input during our decision phase. We submitted our plans and the Beam team pinpointed the ideal locations for the inlet valves to be positioned to ensure maximum coverage throughout our home.

Deciding on a central vacuum system can be a daunting task, we had to weigh the pros and cons, the costs versus the benefits and finally realized the value of having such a system in our home.

Here are some of the benefits that helped us make our decision.


Increased Resale Value – A Beam Central Vacuum will certainly increase the value of your home.

Deep Cleaning – The power and suction doesn’t quit over time.

Lightweight – No dragging a heavy portable vacuum around your home.

Silent – Now you can listen to the birds singing as you clean up your home. With the main unit tucked away in your garage, you have a silent and effortless experience.

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How does it work?

Specifically designed piping is installed in the walls throughout your home during the building phase, this is essentially the distribution system to carry the dirt into a power unit normally located in the garage. Wall inlet valves are strategically positioned in your home for you to plug in the hose and reach those hard to reach areas.

My favourite accessory that sold me on the system was the VacPan Watch video . I can now throw away my dustpan. The VacPan is flash mounted normally installed under your kitchen counter. It has a foot tap button which switches the unit on and the dirt you sweep near it is suctioned away.


The first step is done!!!!

Beam arrived promptly on site with a very friendly team of installers to start placing the pipes.  The pipes were buried within the foundation and then covered and compressed again before the concrete is poured. The job was done within a day and done very professionally.

007 Oct 30 Beam

009 Oct 30 Beam

The installation team will be back to continue the installation during different phases of the building. Watch this space for more pictures and details of this incredible product….